​​​​Offering wellbeing and mindful opportunities is the foundation of the Heartland Wellbeing Institute.  The intention is for all options are to be engaging, interactive, relevant and practical in design and delivery. 

I spent my COVID time pursuing certification programs to enhance the various workshops and retreats that we can offer.

Certifications include:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher - McLean Meditation Institute.  400+ hour training to facilitate learning of meditation and mindfulness practices for individuals and groups.
  • MMI Mindful Trainer to teach Mindfulness in the Workplace - McLean Meditation Institute.  100+ hour training to support an organization in creating a culture that enhances the individual and the company.
  • Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program100+ hour training to  re-learn how to eat intuitively and enhance your relationship with food along with body and mind.

Learning how to offer interactive workshops on Zoom that are informative and engaging has been priority to meet people where they are and where they feel safe.  I have created a hybrid of opportunities with both in-person and virtual options as a means of reaching those who are interested and working with individuals, teams or organizations.

If you are interested in hearing more, reach out to me at Sue@heartlandwellbeinginstitute.org​​



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