Let me know how I can be of service

Sue Tew-Warming,

President and Owner

Heartland Wellbeing Institute

​​Heartland Wellbeing Institute TM

Why this is important and why now...

My belief in working with people, and organizations, is to meet them where they are, trust their insight as to where they want to be and then support them as they figure out next steps.  Most people are simply too busy to do the research, find the resources and information and then figure out how to implement a plan.  Whether is it personal, professional or how to find a balance in their lives, not everyone has the time to figure out the practical steps that will make a difference.  That's where I can be of service, why it is important to me and why now.  I have 20+ years ‘doing the research’ and creating a process that works for a person's life or a business environment. 

My journey has included reading, experiencing, exploring, discovering, reflecting and engaging in information and activities to support my wellbeing for over 20 years.  I have attended workshops and trainings in mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR), intrinsic coaching, intuitive eating, various meditation techniques, reiki, qigong, journaling,  guided retreats, silent retreats, yoga and the list goes on.    

For over 25 years, I have provided training and technical assistance in organizational change, program development and management and curriculum development and implementation.  I have conducting workshops and retreats and coordinated events and conferences.  The intention has been to offer information and strategies that support people to be able to do their job and not be overwhelmed by the job.  

I would like to work with you, your department or your organization and develop a plan together to create transformation and establish joy, purpose, and wellbeing.