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Sue Tew-Warming,

President and Owner

Heartland Wellbeing Institute

Why this is important and why now...

I have been reading, experiencing, exploring, discovering, reflecting and engaging in information and activities to support my overall wellbeing for over 20 years.  I have dabbled in various types of yoga, all kinds of meditation techniques, reiki, qigong, journaling, workshops, guided retreats, silent retreats, coaching, and the list goes on.  Every year I bought a new box of crayons and spent time coloring – adult coloring – long before this craze that is sweeping into our stores.  

Professionally I have been training, providing technical assistance, facilitating organizational change, consulting in program development and management, leading with curriculum development and implementation, coordinating events and conferences, and conducting workshops and retreats.  The intention was that, hopefully, I could offer information and strategies that support people to be able to do their job and not be overwhelmed by the job.  To support the ability to identify what is important, what brings them joy and what they wanted to do about it.

For years I have been advocating and leading that we must ALWAYS meet people where they are and trust that they know where they need to end up.  That people are often too busy to go do all the research necessary to find the best resources and information to help them out.  Whether is it to do their job better or find balance in their lives, not everyone has the time to figure out the practical steps that will make a difference – and can start right now.

So that is why it is important to me and why now.  I have 20+ years ‘doing the research’ and creating a process that works for a business environment or a person’s life. 

I would like to work with you, your department or your organization and develop a plan together to create transformation and establish joy, purpose, and wellbeing.