​​Heartland Wellbeing Institute TM

Nature-Based Wellbeing


Meandering with Nature:
             Reconnect with the outdoors, learn how calming & healing nature can be.

 In partnership with the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge and Friends of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, we are continuing to offer the monthly series of “Meandering with Nature”.  Each month spend part of an afternoon to learning strategies to increase joy and reduce stress with nature as a foundation. 

Join us on scheduled Saturdays from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm for a mini-workshop that is a time for you to spend time to have some fun.  Come early or stay after and make an afternoon out of it!  Go for a walk, check out the oak savanna and, of course, drive through the bison and elk enclosure and check out our amazing residents.  

February 16 - Favorite memories of time outdoors - how it impacts us.  
Draw, color or write of your favorite places/times.  We will think about how it still impacts us today.  As weather allows - we will go outdoors - perhaps show shoe!? 

March 16 - Changing light patterns... how it affects us.  
Activity:   Did you know the sun has patterns that change during the year?  We will talk about these events reflect on our favorite time of the day.  How does the amount of sunlight affect us during the year.  As weather allows, we will go outdoors - perhaps snow shoe?!

May 18 - One-minute vacation..  how it renews us.

Activity: Did you ever wish you had time to 'get away'?  We will talk about the importance, and simplicity, of taking mini-vacations - even one-minute ones!  How to create a 'go bag' so that you are ready when the opportunity arises.   Plan to be outside and see spring arriving. 

For more information, go to the Friends of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge facebook page.