​​Heartland Wellbeing Institute TM

Coaching and Consulting Services

Life and Leadership Coaching...

I am a certified coach that specializes in supporting people by providing space and activities to remember what is important, what brings joy and what to do about it.  Whether it is work related or home related (usually both),  time is spent identifying priorities and creating an action plan.  To be intentional on what steps need to be done to make the time and integrate activities that align with their purpose and passion in life.  Emphasis is on individuals that want to create a work/life balance.  Structure is based on Intent Action Mapping (I AM)TM.

Testimonial ​ - Sue Tew-Warming is an excellent facilitator and leadership coach. In working with me one-on-one, she helped me establish action steps and a timeline for the coming year. Her insightful questions helped me clarify my intentions and the best course of action, and she was able to see opportunities and roadblocks that I might have missed. Sue brings years of experience to her work, and it shows in her ability to communicate directly, yet with a great deal of support. I would highly recommend her as a workshop leader and individual coach.  —Debra Engle, author, The Only Little Prayer You Need​

Wellbeing Consulting...

Program Development and Management – work with clients to research, develop and implement initiatives that support employee wellbeing, healthy relationships and reducing effects of stress.  Focus is on incorporating strategies into current business environment that deals with systematic change to enhance and improve the business climate.

Curriculum Development and Implementation– work with clients to create customized curriculum that meets the needs and desired outcomes of project and organization. Focus is on working with high-needs populations, employees dealing with high-stress and secondary trauma and high-risk youth.

Workshops and retreats– work with clients to identify objectives, needs and outcomes to build a workshop and/or retreat that meet the requirements.  Focus is on creating practical applications to support self-care, healthy choices and relationships and overall wellbeing.

Testimonial ​ - "Sue Tew-Warming has been instrumental in planning and facilitating several retreats for our WIRED (Women Interested in Renewal, Education, and Discovery) group.  She has the knowledge, the energy, the charisma, and is so in tune with the feelings and needs of our members that it makes for a very successful, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience.  Sue makes the activities exciting and fun but has also built in time for us to enjoy nature which restores and renews our inner self.  Our members have all indicated how much they enjoyed the retreats and would definitely do another one with her." Small Group Coordinator, St. John's Lutheran Church, Des Moines, Iowa

Facilitation and Education– provide existing workshops and retreats that support the learning and transformation of individuals and teams.  Focus is on wellbeing, self-care, healthy relationships, stress-reduction, intentional living and mindfulness.  Example topics include:

  • Time Management Balance: Work, Home and You!
  • Step off the Hamster Wheel: Strategies to a life of balance, peace and wellbeing.
  • Disengage Your Autopilot: Strategies to a life of health, joy and passion.

Testimonial - "What I liked most was it was very relaxed; had practical ideas to de-stress; and loved the wellbeing map and intent action steps that are concrete -w hich is what I need." Workshop participant - Step off the Hamster Wheel.